The home for the ultimate Pulse chain DEGEN. We announced PulseShib 2 years ago. We didn't launch on other chains because they are not worthy. Our home is Pulse Chain and thats where the gains are. If thats your kind of meme coin well you know what to do. NOW AVAILABLE ON PULSEX.


If you missed the sarifice phase you will still get a chance to get Pulse Shib after Pulse Chain launch.

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I am here to save crypto.

Built on Pulse Chain because Richard Heart saved crypto and of course pumpamentals. Hex did 10 000X and Shiba Inu did something similar. What happens when you add Hex and Shiba Inu. Well You Get PULSESHIB.


Moon Mission Roadmap

You must have no expectation of profit from the work of others. This roadmap is purely aspirational. The power is in your hands. Build what you want to see.

May 2023

PulseShib launch

PulseShib Airdrop.

June 2023


Leverage social media, partnerships, and ads. Engage crypto communities to drive adoption to PulseShib.

August 2023

PulseShib Ecosytem

Build Apps to add utility to PulseShib. Buy and Burn

About PulseShib

Meme Coin

PulseShib is PulseChain meme coin, strategically developed to foster widespread adoption of PulseChain. PulseShib is inspired by Richard Heart's cryptocurrencies, PulseShib embodies a vision that aims to drive engagement and utilization of PulseChain. We are passionate enthusiasts of Memes and proponents of Web 3.0. Our primary objective is to develop innovative Web3 applications that will significantly enhance the utility of PulseShib.

Awesome Features

PulseChain Memecoin

Fixed Supply

Max Supply 1 Trillion. Yeah its that scarce.

Community Driven

A Pulse Chain meme coin built by Hexicans and Pulsicans for the world.

Censorship Resistant

Built on Pulse Chain a decentralised network. Pulseshib is built with the core tenants of crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions

PulseShib the greatest meme-coin built on the Pulse-Chain


Now Avalable On PulseX.

In October 2021, PulseShib was announced as the first community-driven memecoin on PulseChain, following Richard Heart's decision to fork Ethereum. As part of the project, we initiated a Sacrifice phase during which $87k was sacrificed. Subsequently, we began developing an NFT marketplace for PulseChain. However, we did not anticipate that PulseChain's development would take two years. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the launch of PulseChain, we faced challenges in continuing the development of the NFT marketplace. Our ongoing monthly development expenses further added to the difficulties. Despite these challenges, we remain committed to building valuable tools for PulseShib that contribute to the PulseChain ecosystem. After the main net launch of PulseChain, we successfully deployed PulseShib just eight days later on May 21, 2023. Currently, we are in the planning stage of a PulseShib staking application, which aims to provide cryptocurrency rewards and enhance the utility of PulseShib for its holders. Our intention is to reward our most loyal community members upon the application's launch. We strive to continuously improve our efforts and provide a thriving ecosystem for PulseShib on PulseChain.


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