Decentralised Pulsechain Meme coin

PulseShib is a decentralised meme coin with a fixed supply. PulseShib was created to spread adoption of PulseChain.

About PulseShib

PulseShib is a meme coin built exclusively for PulseChain. PulseShib is built using audited code and will be fair launched. Meme coins such as Dogecoin, SHIBA INU and Floki Inu currently have a combined market cap of over $45 billion. Meme coins have been one the best performing niches in crypto. We believe the meme coin mania is here to stay, however most meme coins are destined to die a sudden painful death wrecking their community. This is because most meme coins have no real fundamentals. To quote Richard Heart “most meme coins have no technical innovation, their claim to fame is just a logo”. Our goal is to build the best meme coin the world has ever seen, the best the crypto industry has to offer. PulseShib has a combination of a beautiful logo and great tokenomics. We are taking everything that made meme coins popular and adding utility and strong fundamentals. We believe this will create long term sustainability and will ink PulseShib into the crypto history books.


Moon Mission Roadmap

PulseShib is the only meme-coin that combines pumpamentals and fundamentals as illustrated by our aspirational roadmap.



Growth Grow Pulse Shib Army to 10k. Develop daps to grow the Pulse Shib community. Build a Pulse Chain launch pad that will grow defi, NFTs, gaming and metaverse applications on the Pulse Chain.



2021 Community Growth Community engagement and create a decentralized Autonomous organisation (DAO). Create community NFTs and NFT competions



Website launch and airdrop to PulseShib early adopters. Meme coin and NFT competitions please check our Twitter for upcoming announcements.

14th November 2021

Sacrifice Phase

Sacrifice Phase is now complete.

PulseShib Awesome Features

We are the only PulseChain exclusive meme-coin that will be fair launched on the pulse-chain. The others are BSC meme-coins using Pulse Chain name for clout.


We have the most passionate and vibrant community. The pulseshibarmy somewhat resembles the early bitcoin community. PulseShib is built on strong crypto values. We believe Pulse-Chain is the future. We believe meme-coins rock and they are here to stay.

PulseShib is For YOU

PulseShib is a decentralized movement owned and controlled by the you the pulseshibarmy. Pulseshib wIll be launched completely decentralized no one can ever change it. PulseShib was inspiered by Hex and Shiba Inu both cryptocurrencies that went on to return thousands of percentage gains to investors.


PulseShib is built using audited code that has historically proven to be safe in the blockchain industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

PulseShib the greatest meme-coin built on Pulse-Chain

You sacrifice by sending the specified cryptocurrencies to the specified addresses below. Send Ethereum, USDC, HEX, BNB, BUSD

Early access to PulseShib will be available for airdrop receipients and those who sacrifice. However PulseShib will only be available for trading after PulseChain launch.

The pulseshib sacrifice phase will run for a for a specified time after which 50% of PSB will be distributed to the sacrifice set.

The reason PulseShib is being launched with a sacrifice phase is because we want pulseshib tokens to be awarded to those who are committed to the success of pulseshib and sacrificing allows us to select for such people.

Sacrificing is making a statement that you believe PulseChain is the future of Web3. Sacrificers may be awarded with PulseShib tokens that are proportional to the share of usd value of crypto they Sacrifice.

We will be making a whopping 50% of Pulse Shib available to the PulseShibArmy. In a token distribution event similar to the PulseChain sacrifice phase. The first step in creating the PulseChain was the sacrifice phase. It was a very simple yet very powerful idea. PulseShib is walking in the shadow of a great giant. Its only logical we follow in the footsteps of Richard Heart and make PulseShib available in a sacrifice phase for PulseShib.